Testimonials from recent art classes. 


My daughter loves so much Antonia's art classes that she doesn't want to return home after the class. From the moment she steps into Antonia's art studio, she is transported into magical experience. All objects they make together become her best friends, like to wool sheep they made at the first class, which she carried in her school backpack for two weeks to show to her friends. Not only every object they make together is brought to life by a story or an experience, but all the materials they use are natural and free of chemicals. But, above everything, my daughter feels that Antonia pays attention to her individual needs, and they have a beautiful heart to heart connection. I strongly recommend Antonia's art class to any parent who wishes for a meaningful and harmonious development of his child's emotional and mental centers!  From A. D.

Oh my goodness.  They LOVED class, my child can't stop talking about the tomatoes and how she could eat them without even washing them, your special grinder, how it wouldn't turn red but she started mixing it.... I've never seen her this open, excited and full of pure positive energy! From S. P.